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Welcome to Precision Alloys - a foundry specialising in bespoke carbon, stainless and high alloy steel castings. Using the latest casting technique, Replicast® an inert ceramic shell process that delivers investment quality castings on a much larger and far heavier castings than can be made with the current lost wax technology.


Precision Alloys is strategically located in Bristol, utilising a purpose built Replicast® facility enabling all processes to happen under one roof. 


Replicast® patterns are machined from polystyrene for economical production of low volume, precision, high integrity castings – customised with respect to design, alloy, contractions relevant to specific alloys. The polystyrene patterns are coated with a fine ceramic to pick up all details from the pattern, the poly/ceramic is then fired to remove all trace of the carbon rich polystyrene to create a mould. Ceramic moulds are then poured in a vacuum sandbox, this ensures the mould is supported giving high dimensional acuracy of the casting and removing unwanted gas from the metal. Replicast® gives high integrity steel castings to specification, designed and methoded to minimise any upgrade requirements.

Precision Alloys Limited has been granted a licence to operate Replicast® a process developed by Castings Technology International Ltd, Sheffield, England

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